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Emotional Awareness

Emotional intelligence has been linked to success across all domains of life.   Learn how to listen deeply and honestly to your authentic self.  Honor your core values.  Live your fullest life!


How we relate to others starts with how we relate to ourselves.  Become your best so you attract only the best into your life.  Our relationships with self, loved ones, and colleagues are the most meaningful parts of our lives.  When is the last time you invested in bettering your relationships?  Start today!


Having a coach truly listen from a place free of judgment can make a massive impact on your daily functioning as well as the rate at which you achieve your goals. It also models the skills needed for you to become an excellent listener yourself.  Becoming a strong listener creates the opportunity for you to gain trust and respect from those you interact with.

Personal Excellence Coaching

Take your life up to the next level and beyond.  Live full out.  Honor your core values. Turn your dreams into your reality.

Professional Excellence Coaching

Break through barriers.  Create your dream job.  Love what you do.  Be the best in your field.


Achieve more.  Reach your full potential. Love your work. Find balance in your life. Cultivate success.


A company’s personnel are the life-blood of their business. Without such people, the company is but a skeleton; it is the employee whom breathes life into any organization.  Cohesion, synergy, and trust are the hallmarks of the most successful teams.


Catapult your career.  Impact the bottom line. Create massive success AND fulfillment.  Learn to leverage. Train your mind and your spirit to be a champion.


We have combined scientific research, neuro-linguistic programming, and psychological principles to formulate the ultimate Powerful Communication training program.  This program will change your life!

Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate personal & professional growth

Dr. Stefanie believes that the most powerful results are achieved through an ongoing partnership with her clients. Whether she is working with an individual, a team, or an entire organization, she will provide you with the tools to achieve massive results!

What my clients say about me

I have worked with Working Minds for 2 years now. My organization hit a plateau and our executives were not thriving. It seemed that they had lost their “oomph”. We brought in the coaches to revitalize the team. The changes have been quite drastic. Revenue has increased. Our culture has transformed. Turn-over is less. And despite the struggles of the economic climate, we are booming. Thank you guys!

VP, Computer Programming firm

Our management team has never been better. The Manager Boot Camp taught the skills our senior managers needed in a time of transition as our company merged with another. They came out with a completely new perspective and now work as a cohesive team after the same goal. We have now hired Working Minds to teach the same training to our mid-level management.

Fashion houseOwner

It’s funny that Stefanie is such a stickler about confidentiality and respecting client privacy because I tell everyone that she is my coach. I have made such powerful changes in my life and I want to share my gratitude and experience with other people. Over the time I have been working with Stefanie, I have referred at least 3 clients to her. We are all very happy with the results we have achieved.

Regional VP, Advertising Agency

Stefanie has changed my life – personally and professionally. I feel lighter and more freed up to get things done throughout my day. I have removed the drama in my life and all other energy wasters. I am connected to my vision and even on the ‘bad days’, I can remind myself of what is important to me and get myself back on track.

Investment FirmPartner